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The New Theta

2011-08-10 12:12:47 by Thetatronica

It's been about three years since I've posted on here and I decided to put this on as my front-page news clip since nothing from before really suits how I am now.

In September I'm starting school at OIART (Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology) and I will be there for 11 straight months of school to learn everything that most people would learn in three years of university. Throughout the year I'll be making tons of music and posting it for shits. I really don't like Newgrounds for posting music due to the insane amount of 10 year olds who have absolutely no idea what good music is, or at least have any kind of acceptability of original ideas. They all want dubstep, gangster rap, and this ridiculous new style of deathcore that I don't really understand.

Being someone who has been sucked into liking every "popular" genre of music through public school and high school I understand that "it's what everyone listens to" but that mentality really needs to dissipate. It made sense in the '60's when everyone loved The Beatles because well.... they were AMAZING and they had a completely and entirely new style of music to bring to the world. Then with Zeppelin in the late '60's and early '70's there was another brand new style of rock that blew everyone away, and due to their incredible talent it was no wonder they were able to sell over 74,000 tickets for one single show at a point in their career. The other thing that started in the underground was the analog synthesized styles of techno which made their debut. From something like The Popcorn Song by Hot Butter in 1972. With the '80's music was starting to disintegrate into "what sells is what's good" but that didn't come until a little later in the decade with New Wave music. The "Big 4" started here with Slayer, Metallica, Megadeth and Anthrax giving a new intensity to rock that wasn't really found before with double bass, intense solos and heavy riffing that had everyone banging their heads to the music. By the '90's it was really starting to get bad in the music scene. This is the heavily MTV influenced decade which only became worse and worse over time. Being a '90's kid though, I love grunge music. I was born in 1991 right around the birth of Nirvana and the growing popularity of some of my favourite bands such as: The Smashing Pumpkins, Alice In Chains, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden. It's ironic that my favourite drugs are all opiates as well which really must be semi-influenced from this era. By the end of the '90's Grunge was known as Post-Grunge with Foo Fighters being the main proprietor of this, and some consider Bush to be Post-Grunge as well due to their first album debuting around the same time Kurt committed suicide. I don't really understand why the death of Kurt created an almost religious-like stance on a genre of music calling it Post-Grunge similar to BC and AD for how we consider it to only be 2011 right now... which also makes no sense since the planet has been around for BILLIONS of years. As we got into the 2000's it was evident that anything popular sucked and the era of Emo/Scene began... this to me was the death of music. The only bands I really enjoyed in this era were Thornley (thanks to Ian Thornley keeping the alternative sound of Big Wreck since he wrote basically everything for that band) and other bands who had been around for years prior. A great album that rebirthed a great band for me was United Abominations by Megadeth. Heavily political like a lot of their other stuff, but extremely well done. This was also the death of one of my absolute favourite metal bands of all time; Metallica. It was impossible to listen to St. Anger and think it was the same band. Everyone who listened to this and was appalled at how bad it was will remember that beer keg sounding snare for the rest of their lives I'm sure.

Finally my faith was somewhat restored in music again when people started realizing some of my favourite music of all time: TECHNO! There have been random hits through the past few decades that came and went, but none of them ever popularized the genre until a guy who I hope anyone reading this knows. DJ Tiesto. I still call him DJ Tiesto too, because I've listened to him so much before he removed the DJ from his name that it's impossible to forget his origin. Oddly enough he doesn't have any hits that are played really anywhere, but groups like Lady Gaga and the sad influx of Dubstep have created a huge group of listeners of techno lately and everyone eventually finds DJ Tiesto. Oddly enough most of anyone you talk to who listens to techno mentions Tiesto as one of the first names they've heard of. Anyways, this was basically a rant on the decades of music that I classify as important. Fuck Elvis... I really don't understand what is so great about his music... I am a huge fan of all genres and works in the music world but that is one guy I don't understand. I like Big Band even, and I love Jazz and Blues, along with Classical, Fusion, Baroque, ANYTHING other than Elvis. The '50's have to be my least favourite decade of music by far. But before I go ranting on again, I hope you enjoy my music... and over the next few years I am also working on a book. I'm not sure if I'll give any info about it until I really know it's got a possibility of being released, but it is definitely interesting, and the concept is one that I don't think has been done successfully ever before.

The New Theta


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2011-08-10 12:33:47

Man. Lots of people are coming back "New and improved"