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2011-11-08 13:07:19 by Thetatronica

The Story of the Origin of My Use of Theta as a Name

Back in 2004 I started to really want to get into electronic music composition. I barely even listened to techno to a vast degree; I had every DJ Sharpnel album on my iPod and I think DJ Tiesto's In Search of Sunrise 1 + Parade of Athletes. My electronic music collection has grown exponentially since that time to the point of actually owning Parade of Athletes Part 1 and 2 on Vinyl, along with Deadmau5's 4x4=12 and a few others. As a side note, I must say; nothing compares to vinyl. I am a huge supporter of digital music and all things regarding new technologies, but I love LPs so much that it's the only actual hard medium of music I will buy now.

Back to the point of this post. Throughout 2004 I was trying to learn Fruity Loops 5 (at the time I don't think they had adopted the Studio part of the name). I started out using the basic sequencers and loops that came with the software because I had no idea how to truly use MIDI to it's full potential; or even to a light degree since I didn't even have a MIDI keyboard at the time.

As 2005 was rolling around I had compiled my 28th track of very basic techno-y style music. It began getting more complex but I didn't have anywhere near the required knowledge to create the kind of sound that I wanted to. This led to the creation of a very mellow song that was found 7 minutes into an old track I had called Off-Ramp. This was the 14th song to my first "album" and it was originally called Desolation Hold, but as time went on I began creating more music in this slow, ambient, depressing style which I started honing in on more and more. After I had created enough crappy techno I finally began compiling my first album "Sequence" which actually has a couple of songs included on my NG page. Songs like "Winter" (Originally titled "Neverwinter Nights") and "M.O.M. (More on Morality/Mentality) had their names changed various times due to input from other people and my own preferences changing over time.

Winter was truly a new style that I had embarked on though. It was January 1st, 2006 and I was hungover like crazy; and at the time I was not a very happy person. It took until the age of 13 to really start realizing certain things in my life weren't normal like most of my friends and other family members even. My Mom died when I was only 5 and this had an affect on me of course, but I had never actually sat there and thought "I'll never have a Mom, when I have a wife she won't have a Mother-in-Law, I'll never actually have someone to care for me in that same way that a Mother does" blah blah blah. This continued to eat at me more and more since I had moved away from my hometown for grade 8 and it took until late Grade 11 for me to really stop focusing on all the negative aspects of my life and think "hey, I have plenty of good stuff in my life to think about and look forward to at least". During this time I was bombarding myself with literature about numerology, mythology and other insane things, and this began to influence my ideologies at the time; and in a big way impact the way I thought about music.

Early on in grade 10 when I was taking math, we began working on trigonometry and started using Theta as the place holder for numbers which needed to be solved. Using sine, cosine and tangent laws began making me think about how these things also related to synthesis and I began looking into binaural sound waves. I downloaded many programs which attempted to create meditative feelings to help with insomnia and many other natural ailments which a lot of people suffer from. I began realizing that the ones that helped me the most were called Theta waves.

This became the birth of Theta and really made sense with the music I was creating at the time, because as Theta waves helped me sleep, so did my music. As the years went on, I started getting happier and more content with life; and it was very clearly apparent in my music as well. As 2008 was rolling around I was working on Essence which includes songs like "In A Memory" and " Essence (Remix)" which were more happy styles of ambient and more-so styles of electronica and even techno.

Now I create techno/trance/house/dark ambient/electronica/ambient/classical and am even starting to work on doing sound for games, movies and doing production in school which has really inspired my music a lot more as well.

That's an incredibly shortened story but oh well, I'm sure it isn't of much interest to most people anyway!


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